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Only on Viber: 100% Privacy You Can Trust

It seems that users of certain messaging apps around the world are still worried about their data being mishandled and breached on different social platforms. Having learned that there are messaging apps that read users’ most personal chats, listen in on their conversations and sell those private chats to others for profit is concerning.

Unlike other messaging apps that supposedly offer their users protection and privacy, when it comes down to it, Viber is the only one that delivers 100% privacy.

Viber can’t read your private chats. For 100% privacy, chat on Viber. Click to Tweet

With Viber, you can rest assured knowing that your personal chats are always protected and private and that all your conversations are your own. Here’s a reminder of the ways in which Viber helps protect your privacy:

We can’t read your Viber chats, by default

It’s impossible for Viber to read or listen to any of your chats or calls because we use end-to-end encryption by default for all your private and group chats as well as your calls. Ever since we introduced full end-to-end encryption, it’s been our top priority to make it the Viber standard.

Other messaging apps will not fully encrypt your chats automatically for you unless you actively turn ON the encryption mode. This means that some of these apps can access, read and sell your private conversations to other 3rd parties or advertisers. Viber can’t sell your privacy, simply because we can’t access your private chats.

You can delete messages you regret sending

Viber lets you delete any type of message you’ve sent for both yourself and the people you’ve sent it to. This means whatever you decided to delete will no longer appear on your device or on your friend’s device. You don’t even have to worry about how long it’s been since you sent your message since you can delete at any time.

You can send disappearing messages with Secret Chats

Some messages are so sensitive they need a to be handled with extra caution and care. Secret Chats lets you set a self-destruct timer for every message in your conversation so that after it’s been read, it is automatically deleted from your phone as well as from your recipient’s phone. Messages you send through a secret chat can’t be forwarded or screenshot when using Android. If you’re using an iPhone, those messages can be screenshot, but the sender will receive a notification that a screenshot has been taken. Secret Chats are distinguished by a special lock badge added to them in the main chat list.

Viber is the most secure messaging app

Viber gives you a complete and full security scope, as the only global messaging app that provides users with the top privacy measures listed above.

For 100% private messaging chat with Viber.

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FC Barcelona and Rakuten Pledge for a Better Future

As FC Barcelona’s Main Global Partner, our parent company Rakuten has decided to launch the “Goals Beyond the Game” program, allowing fans to pledge for a better future. By making a pledge to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals created by the United Nations (SDGs), fans will get a chance to take part in the upcoming match between FC Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad!

Pledge to make the future a brighter one

So how do you apply? Pledge a commitment to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which include fighting hunger, ending poverty and ensuring inclusive and quality education for all. You can also choose to nominate your child as a young ambassador. Children who are nominated must be between the ages of 6-9 years old and between 1.05m to 1.35m tall.

Write to Rakuten here to let them know what you or your child’s sustainability pledge is and what action you’re committed to taking in order to help make the future a brighter one.

Out of all the pledges received by Rakuten, 11 lucky children will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to accompany one of the club’s all-star players onto the field at the same match on May 20th for the FC Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad, the last match of the season! Travel and accommodation are included for both child and parent, so it’s bound to be an incredible adventure!

Alternatively, for those of you who do not wish to nominate a child, you can still submit your pledge and show your support. The best answers will be displayed on the big screen at Camp Nou during the FC Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad match on May 20th 2018, so you could possibly see your name and answer in headlines!

The game is coming up so hurry up and make your pledge by May 6th. Applications here!

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Connecting People Around the World: A Message to Our Users in Russia

All Viber users in Russia can now send messages and make calls to their friends and family, as the service is gradually returning back to normal for those who experienced connectivity issues in the past few days. This is possible thanks to the around-the-clock, hard work of our engineers, and to the thousands of users who helped us identify specific issues and details. Our teams are continuing their efforts to maintain the service and make sure it remains fully available in Russia.

The service was originally interrupted due to Russian authorities’ ruling to block a specific messaging app. When local telecom operators executed this ruling, they  blocked several internet provider servers that also impacted our service.

Our commitment to your privacy and the security of your conversations has remained intact. This is why we enable full end-to-end encryption by default, for all of our users’ chats and calls. This means that all of your group, one-on-one chats and calls are encrypted, not just Secret Chats that other apps offer. Once you send a message on Viber, it remains encrypted until it reaches the person you intended to share it with. We never keep on our servers any content that has been exchanged once it has been delivered.

We can’t read your private messages or listen to your calls.

There are no exceptions.

This strict and never-breached commitment is the reason why Viber is unfortunately blocked in 10 countries. For example, Iranian authorities require messaging services to store data and content in the country and to give them access to any chats or calls.

Because we could not honor that requirement, we lost over 20 million users three years ago and to this day Viber is still blocked in that country. Those users eventually switched to other messaging services available in Iran under these local legal requirements.

Viber is part of the Japanese group – Rakuten. Rakuten means “optimism” in Japanese and the group’s vision is to “Believe in the Future.” We believe that with the actions that we take today we can contribute in making a better world tomorrow. That’s why we don’t do politics. At Viber we work hard and remain humble, fulfilling our unique mission: to connect people freely and securely, no matter who they are or where they are from.

We appreciate your patience and loyalty to Viber.

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